This is definitely a case where time is of the essence.

Much like the Northern Lights, there's something very cool on display right here in New Jersey that may or may not still be there by this time tomorrow.

The Press of Atlantic City is reporting that recently, tide and sand conditions have come together to uncover a shipwreck right on the Stone Harbor beach that could be over a century old.

Speculation seems to be zeroing in on the late 1800s for the most likely time frame of the bits of boat, but as one expert in The Press article put it, "...unless you have a name [of] the boat on the timbers, it's always just an educated guess."

The wooden skeleton of part of the old ship is lazily resting on the southern tip of the Stone Harbor beach, but the pros say that it's likely just a matter of time before Mother Nature buries the artifact once again.

And that "matter of time" could be tomorrow, or months from now. It's anybody's guess.

To check out the wreck while you still can, The Press points out that...

Finding the wreck takes time and effort. It's located roughly a mile south of 122nd Street at the southern end of the island.

But it could be worth that time and effort to take the short trip down the Parkway before it's lost again.


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