Walmart, it's where we shop. It's where we can still find the lowest prices on certain items we need weekly.

Changes at Walmart might impact your pocket, but I still find Walmart to be the place my family goes for the deals.

Walmart in Neptune Township
Walmart in Neptune Township (Patti McCormick)

I'll never forget being a single Mom and worrying about food on the table along with so many other bills. There were always great ways to save money and so many Moms and Mom groups on Facebook helped me and showed me how they do it. Walmart was our main go-to getting the deals.

Big changes at your New Jersey Walmart will make your shopping savings experience a little different.

Thanks to, these are the changes that are taking place at Walmart stores in New Jersey and around the country:

* The Elimination of Overage - Walmart would honor the full value of a coupon no matter the actual price of the product. If your coupon was worth more than the product you used it on, you'd get cash back or get the difference applied to what you buy. THIS was always nice, not anymore. Mainly, where I would shop they would apply the difference to my receipt.

*Limit on 4 identical coupons per day per household - When you go to the register and try to use 4 identical coupons per day per household, it will stop your order while checking out. They will not be accepted from the same household.

*NO MORE OVERRIDES - When checking out, the register now determines if the coupon is valid. Select circumstances a register would validate the manufacturer coupons and management would validate the manufacturer coupons, no more. If the manufacturer coupon does not scan it will not be accepted.


But the “no override” provision is a newer rule that other retailers have implemented, to mixed success. Walmart’s old coupon policy already stated that “paper manufacturer coupons must scan at the register” and “must validate to Walmart’s master file” of known, legitimate coupons. But the new policy states that coupons that don’t scan will be “systematically” declined.

Target implemented this last year in their stores.

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