This is a test, this is only a test. Actually, it's a social experiment. This morning, I came into the office and my boss and a co-worker were having a chat about Twitter.

Twitter is an interesting thing. I think, in general, for individual, private citizens, there's really not much of a point. There's nothing about my life that is so interesting that I have to send out constant updates to my "followers". But for companies and celebrities it's a great way to have a personal touch with their customers and fans.

In the past, celebrities were always kind of on a pedestal that we couldn't really access. You could always write a fan letter, but you'd be lucky if an assistant to an assistant sent back a signed picture along with a form letter...if anything. These days, celebrities are able to tell their fans what it's like to be them, what a real life star does on a daily basis. It's actually really cool when you think about how much more accessible to their fans celebrities are these days.

That being said, fans can get really into following their favorite stars. Last month, when I interviewed Adam Lambert, I sent out a tweet, like I do for every blog that I write here, just saying that Adam's interview is on the website. My Twitter blew the heck up. I was shocked by how quickly Adam's fans saw his name mentioned, "re-tweeted" the original message, and started to follow me and WOBM's Twitter accounts.

So my boss and I put our heads together and decided to see if putting "Justin Bieber" on Twitter will do the same thing. The "Beliebers" as a whole are organized enough to make something "trend", whether it actually has anything to do with JB or not. So my apologies if you got to this page expecting some exciting Justin Bieber announcement, but thank you for being part of this social experiment. While you're here, feel free to poke around

So what do you think, do you like being able to get more insight than ever into the personal lives of your favorite stars? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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