With the explosive popularity of the new iPhone 6 line and Apple's iOS 8, the digital landscape is ripe for scammers to prey on unsuspecting customers.

Just moments ago, I received the email above. A few things stuck out to me as suspicious:


First, it was from "Apple Inc Guru" a term that I have never heard Apple use before. Any email that I've ever gotten from Apple has simply been from "Apple".


Second, the email address in the "From" field didn't have "Apple" in it anywhere. It wasn't from Apple.com, iTunes.com, iCloud.com, or any of the other official Apple websites.


Next, the Apple ID that the email claims has been "momentary restricted" (bad grammar, another clue), isn't my actual Apple ID. It's an email address that I do use, but not the email address that I have tied to my Apple ID account.


Finally, the email wants me to click on a link to 'Verify Apple ID" that, if I hover my mouse over it without clicking, doesn't lead to an Apple website at all.


Of course, I immediately Googled "Apple ID phishing" and the very first result was a page on the Apple website, warning of such schemes and asking customers to forward suspicious emails directly to the company, which I did.

It's just another, unfortunate, reality in today's tech world - scammers will take advantage of unsuspecting users in any way they can. Even going so far as to masquerade (all be it poorly) as real companies.

If you get an email like this asking you to verify personal information, whether it comes form a company like Apple, your bank, or another company that you do business with, always look carefully for those telltale signs that it's not on the level.

Have you gotten any emails like this lately? Tell us in the comments!