You Chose The Best Sweet Treats This Summer At The Jersey Shore

I think I get a great response when I ask you at home what you think about various topics. Some topics are not so serious and some, on occasion, are serious. This particular topic is a tasty one, pun intended, and you had some great feedback, pun intended, for us to chew on, ok that pun was not intended. We are talking about sweet treats this summer here at the Jersey Shore.


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I thought about the topic of delicious summer sweet treats after a recent trip to the boardwalk in Seaside Heights. I visited a local candy store to pick up one of my Wife April's favorite boardwalk treats "chocolate-covered salt water taffy". If you haven't tried it you are missing out on quite a "tasty trip".



What You at Home Has to Say

Linda: Lemon and/or chocolate ice that I keep in my freezer from Strollo’s in Belmar!

Doug: Lemon Italian ice

Grace: Strawberry shortcake!

Michele: Watermelon

Carole: Popsicles

Evelyn: Cherries

Frank: Watermelon

Sean: Oreos

Gail: Watermelon


Off the top of my head let's throw some other "sweet" options out there for you to think about.

  • Kohr's (vanilla/chocolate twist please)
  • Rita's Italian Ice
  • DQ
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Playa Bowls
  • Milkshakes


What else would you add to our "summer sweet treats" list? Please post your comments below and give us your thoughts. We love it when you at home "choose" your favorites and maybe share a great spot to go for a delicious bite. Enjoy your summer and enjoy your dessert.





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