Best Non-Ocean Beaches To Beat The Heat This Summer In Ocean County, New Jersey


Maybe you are looking for a spot this summer that is a bit less crowded. Maybe you want to beat the traffic of the big ocean beaches. It could be you don't want the waves and the intensity of the ocean. So what are some good alternatives in Ocean County where you can visit a nice calm (Non-Ocean) beach?


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I remember as a kid my Grandparents, who lived in Holiday City - Toms River, took us to a little tiny lake beach there in Holiday City. It was a quiet little beach on the lake there and it had a nice little sandy beach and a small area for swimming. We loved it there. It was quiet and calm so it was easy for them to keep an eye on us and not worry about a big wave taking us out lol. It was a great place for small children and these are the types of beaches that made this list of the best non-ocean beaches in Ocean County.



This list of best non-ocean beaches was recently posted by Patch and we wanted to share this with you. It's a great little list of places to go that are quiet and calm for you and your family.


Jennifer Lane Beach: 1198 Jennifer Ln., Beach Haven West

Lake Horicon: Lake Horicon Park, Lakehurst

Barnegat Bathing Beach: Bayshore Drive and Barnegat Bay, Barnegat

Dudley Park (Cedar Creek): Route 9 at Sycamore Street, Bayville

A. Paul King County Park (Manahawkin Lake): 2 W. Bay Ave., Manahawkin

Do you have any other (non-ocean) beaches you would recommend for people to visit here in Ocean, Burlington, or Monmouth Counties? Post your recommendations below.

Best Non-Ocean Beaches


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