When you think of fresh seafood in New Jersey, many people's minds go immediately to the Jersey Shore.

I mean, it makes sense. The less seafood needs to travel, the fresher and tastier it's going to be.

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Lately, Jersey has been receiving a lot of culinary accolades, and rightfully so.

I came across an article in Eat This! Not That! that shined the spotlight on the lobster roll.

Lobster and sauce roll bap with tomatoes

This website managed to find the best lobster roll in every single state in America.

It sounds like a fun assignment, but the job itself couldn't have been easy especially in particular states like Maine, Massachusetts, and Maryland just to mention a few.

What makes the perfect lobster roll? For me, there are three basics that are involved.

1. The freshest lobster

2. Old Bay seasoning

3. Most importantly, the lobster salad must be served on a Hawaiian roll. If it's not, it's not a true lobster roll.

My top two places weren't named number one, but both could easily take the title.

Point Lobster Bar & Grill - Point Pleasant Beach

This is my pick for the best lobster roll at the Jersey Shore hands down.

Look at the chunks of lobster on that baby.

Langosta Lounge - Asbury Park

All of the eats at Langosta are phenomenal, but I especially dig their lobster rolls. That is my go-to appetizer, but they could easily be a meal.

So, where is not only the best lobster roll in Jersey but in the entire country?

Believe it or not, it's not from a Shore restaurant or eatery.

It's from a modest cafe in Hoboken.

Lobster Roll

Eat This! Not That! proclaimed that Elysian Cafe has the best lobster roll in the country.

While we love a seaside lobster roll, one of the best we've had in Jersey is in a <a href="https://elysiancafe.com/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer external nofollow">tiny French Bistro—</a>the longest continually operated restaurant in the Garden State. Tuck into the historic space for a split top bun packed with cold lobster meat, paired with crispy fries and arugula.

I can't say for sure whether they got this one correct or not, but I'll definitely be giving it shot.

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