I know that people are loyal and proud of their local fire departments, but I could have never predicted the amazing response to our poll asking who has the best looking fire truck in Ocean County!

Since first announcing the competition on Tuesday we've gotten almost 50 submissions, and since first opening the poll up just 24 hours ago, we've gotten over 2,500 votes!

So who is in the lead as of this writing?

Right now, the Island Heights Volunteer Fire Company's 1928 Ahrens Fox Fire Truck is in the lead with just over 31% of the vote.

Right behind are East Dover Fire Company #4 and Beachwood Volunteer Fire Company rounding out the early top 3.

But as I said above, voting has literally just begun, there is still plenty of time to make sure that your favorite vehicle soaks the competition!

Be sure to tell your friends, share, and of course vote, which you can do below right now:


Up Next - we present the winners of our Best Looking Police Vehicle in Ocean County contest with their award:


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