Berkeley Little League President Bob Everett announced Friday night that former manager Tom Murphy is suspended indefinitely and banned from all league functions following Thursday's incident with a juvenile umpire.

In a statement on the League's Facebook page, Everett wrote:

The Manager of the Major League Mets has been removed from his position, suspended indefinitely, and is banned from all Berkeley Little League functions until he appears before our executive board for a formal hearing."

We recognize that due to the legal ramifications of this incident, it may be some time before there is a final disposition of this issue. However, considering the seriousness of this offense we feel this immediate action is prudent and appropriate."

Everett says the Berkeley Little League Executive Board called an emergency meeting Friday night to discuss the events from Thursday night's ball game in which 43 year old Thomas Murphy allegedly hit a teen umpire during a disputed call.

A Berkeley Little League field complex
A Berkeley Little League field complex (Facebook)

Berkeley Police Detective Sgt. Jim Smith says Murphy got into an argument with the unidentified umpire over a call made in the basepaths and was ejected. “When the umpire walked away, the coach smacked him in the ear,” Smith said.

After the game, police found Murphy at his home and charged him with simple assault and another for simple assault at a sporting event in the presence of children under the age of 16. He was released on a summons.

Everett says he has tried unsuccessfully to speak with Murphy but did receive a text saying he has retained a lawyer.

The League scheduled a mandatory meeting of all coaches & managers for Saturday morning.

Jason Allentoff contributed to this story.

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