Beach Badge Fees are in Berkeley Township for summer 2017, but they're still far less in certain areas such as Seaside Heights or Seaside Park.


Daily beach badge fees in Berkeley Township will cost $8.00 from a previous total of $5.00, weekly badges will now cost $25.00 from the previous total of $20.00, but seasonal badges stay the status quo at $30.00 prior to May 15 then go up to $50.00.

"We want to keep our prices fair, reasonable and the same for residents and non-residents," said Business Administrator John Camera.

In comparison, the daily beach badge fee in Seaside Heights is $8.00, weekly badge is $35.00, and seasonal is $45.00 before May 15 and $60.00 after.

In Seaside Park, the daily beach badge fee is $10.00, weekly badge is $35.00, and the seasonal is $60.00.

Camera explains that in Berkeley fees are used to keep the beaches well-maintained and to pay their workers.

"We look at those expenses and then look at the revenue that comes in," said Camera. "When we looked back at the past four years, it was at a loss every year of between $6,000.00 or $7,000.00 a couple years and up to $22,000.00 and $24,000.00."

In total they lost over $60,000.00 in the past four years which was the main reason they increased fees for this year to help cover those expenses.

Township Of Berkeley Beach Fee Analysis from 2013-2016

Year              Revenues                               Expenses              Profit (Loss)

2013            $83,626.00                             $105,686.36             ($22,060.36)

2014            $89,577.00                             $97,207.56               ($7,630.56)

2015            $97,439.00                             $103,757.32             ($6,318.32)

2016            $93,026.00                             $117,299.95             ($24,273.95)

You'll have to pay more at the beaches in Berkeley Township this summer such as 'The White Sands Beach in South Seaside Park' but not all the numbers are grim looking and it helps pay for safety and maintenance expenses Camera explains.

"All the things we do for the beach are pretty critical for safety," said Camera. "Then for keeping the beach nice and clean."

While the daily and weekly beach badge fees went up, the seasonal prices remains the same.

"The pre-season purchase of the seasonal badges were left the same," said Camera. "They were $30.00 and still are $30.00."

He adds that they kept the seasonal badge fee price for purchases made after May 15, but senior citizens, volunteer first-aid members and firefighters retain free admission to the beaches.

Camera adds that they're also planing to spend more this year in order to keep the beaches open longer.

"The plan this year is to be open for the Memorial Day weekend and be over there and have the beach guarded more often," said Camera. "That will cost more as well."

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