A Bayville man is facing charges for allegedly encouraging a fight between teenagers at Veterans Park on National Night Out last week.

Berkeley Township Police, who were already on site because of National Night Out, say a male teen was found bloodied, beaten and scraped up on the basketball courts by responding officers.

The victim ended up with several broken bones and a concussion.

Instead of helping the victim and trying to stop the fight, police say 46-year old Jeff Borawski kept yelling out requests for more injury to be inflicted on the boy who was already incapacitated.

The victim even asked for the fight to stop but police say Borawski continued to encourage the assault instead of calling police.

Another witness finally stepped up and told police what was going on.

No weapons were used in the incident.

Police say several other juveniles were present and watched the fight which initially involved just two juveniles.

The teenage male victim was transported to the hospital by Silver Ridge Park First Aid and was treated for multiple injuries.

Due to the severe injuries the victim sustained, Berkeley Township Detectives launched an immediate follow up investigation that included the collecting of physical evidence, video footage and statements.

After consultation with the Ocean County Prosecutors Office, Borawski was charged with Employing a Juvenile in the Commission of a Crime and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

He was arrested without incident and lodged in the Ocean County Jail in accordance with the New Jersey Bail Reform Act.

Juvenile charges related to the fight are imminent.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact the Berkeley Township Police Department at 732-341-1132 extension 611.

Tips can be anonymous.

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