Bummer.  This weekend's our last chance to see this Ocean County favorite, and the weather's not gonna be great.

There's good news and bad news.  The good news is that Barnegat Lighthouse is going to get some TLC in the form of restorations!  The bad news is that starting on Monday, it'll be closed until October.

You'll be able to visit the park, but you just won't be able to climb the lighthouse.  And if you wanted to take any pictures with Old Barney, that's a no-go, since it'll be covered in scaffolding.

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The article from NJ.com explained that the renovations will cost $1.3 million, and will cover repairs, new windows, and exterior work.  Old Barney will be looking camera-ready when all is said and done!

Credit: Jersey Shore, Getty Images/ThinkStock
Credit: Jersey Shore, Getty Images/ThinkStock

Old Barney was always gorgeous, but now he's (he?) is going to be looking even snazzier.

It is kind of a bummer that the renovations are going on through the Summer since that's obviously the best time to visit Barnegat Lighthouse.  My guess is that this time of year was chosen to keep the workers comfortable.  It would not be fun to work on Old Barney during the winter months, that's for sure.  Once it reopens, I know it'll be well worth the wait.

Today, tomorrow and Sunday are your last chances to see Barnegat Lighthouse before it gets its much-deserved beauty rest, but unfortunately, there's rain and snow in the forecast.

Barnegat lighthouse is located at 208 Broadway in Barnegat Light.

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