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While we spend a summer practicing social distancing, most of us are spending time in our backyards and with the nice weather we get a chance to enjoy the local wildlife....well most of it lol


There is of course Mr Raccoon who recently stopped by for a visit. Not sure who was more surprised when the garbage can lid went up.....me or Mr Raccoon. Not sure I’d say we are friends, but we did both go our separate ways :)


Shawn Michaels

Other more friendly backyard visitors this summer have included blue jays, chipping sparrows, carolina chickadees, chipmunks, red winged blackbirds and song sparrows.

Backyard Friends


So as you spend the summer home, are getting any visits from your furry friends? Are you taking this time while we are staying close to home to notice all the different varieties of birds that visit your backyard? have you put a bird feeder out? it's a great way to attract  lots of different birds and they'll provide a lovely soundtrack for your summer. I think this is the summer to be home, deep breath and relax .... it's safe and we all need some quiet relaxation.


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