If you withdrew some cash through automatic teller machine at an OceanFirst Bank in Brick Township Saturday, check your account. Someone might be taking more out of it.

Typical ATM skimming device (Brick Township PD)

Township police say that someone placed a skimming device on the ATM at the branch at 724 Brick Boulevard between 2 PM and 8 PM on May 2.

The apparatus goes directly over the card reader, records the numbers of cards inserted into the ATM, and often matches the machine, police said.

Anyone whose card number is recorded risks fraudulent withdrawals. Many transactions have already taken place in the New York City area, police said.

Typical ATM skimming device (Brick Township PD)

OceanFirst is trying to identify customers who might be affected.

If you notice any transactions in your account that you didn't authorize, or if you recall suspicious activity around the ATM Saturday, call Brick Township Detective Robert Shepherd, 732-262-1121, or the PD general line, 732-262-1100.