Quick, can you tell which beach that is in the photo above?

I'll tell you this much - according to one influential lifestyle website, it's one of the most underrated beaches in the whole country.

If your sharp eyes spot the landmarks of Convention Hall on one end and and the Carousel House on the other, you know that we're talking about Asbury Park.

Google Maps

While Asbury is lauded for its music scene, and with good reason, the website Thrillist argues that it doesn't get the love that it deserves for its beach, saying that,

...it seems to unfairly lag behind other, hotter spots along the Jersey Shore. That’s a shame! The birthplace of the Boss has sand as scenic as anywhere on the shore, with a beachfront promenade redone with vibrant murals from local artists, and a newly revamped Asbury Lanes just beyond.

I was just saying earlier this week how New Jersey always makes its way onto best-of lists, with our beaches constantly getting the recognition that they deserve, and Asbury Park also receiving national (actually, in this case, worldwide) accolades, so it's cool that the two came together thanks to Thrillist!

Congrats to our neighbor to the north, Asbury Park!


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