Spencer S. Young of Asbury Park will be heading to prison after being found guilty for the 2013 murder of Thomas Sudano Jr. who suffered blunt force trauma to the head and neck.

John Roman

The 21-year-old Young was found guilty of one count of Second Degree Robbery, one count of First Degree Murder, and one count of First Degree Aggravated Manslaughter.

Monmouth County Prosecutors say he intended to rob Sudano Jr. after bringing him into an Asbury Park housing complex along with Co-Defendant J.B. Shortly both of which met with the victim at the McDonald's on Route 35 in Neptune.

Officials say Sudano Jr. had taken a taxi from Brick Township to Asbury Park on the night of the murder close to midnight to meet Shortly and buy drugs.

Investigators found Sudano Jr. laying unconscious in the road after midnight on July 27, 2013 in a state of cardiac arrest without any neurological responses.

Authorities also learned over the course of the investigation and trial that Shortly and Young without any warning began punching, stomping and kicking Sudano Jr. in an assault who tried to escape the attack but collapsed on the ground nearby.

Young and Shortly stole Sudano Jr.'s cellphone and money before leaving him unconscious in the street.

Investigators found Young with the phone three days afterwards and saw the phone was in use consistently between the time of the attack and arrest.

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