An Asbury Park man has been arrested and charged for allegedly helping himself to some items inside the Target of the Seaview Square Mall, was found at the Sears after his release stealing more goods.

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Whatever items he was trying to get at discount price, it didn't fool employees or the police who arrested 52-year old Michael Upshar twice in the same day on July 21.

Detevtives from the police department in Monmouth's Ocean Township were already on scene investigating an unrelated crime when they got word of suspicious activity inside Target.

Upshar was found to be shoplifting some items, was arrested and charged for this incident along with another from July 3.

He was released on a criminal summons pending a future court appearance.

But just after he was released he hopped on his bike and rode back to the Seaview Square Mall, but this time to Sears.

Detectives Michael Legg and Jesse Orbach who were there for the first arrest, were still in the area and saw Upshar head into Sears.

Not long after, they got a call Upshar was in there shoplifting.

So again, he was arrested and charged with an additional five-counts of shoplifting.

He was transported to the county jail pending his initial court appearance.

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