There have been a lot of rumors swirling in recent weeks about the state of The Terminator franchise. First there was word that Paramount had removed a possible sixth Terminator (and a direct sequel to 2015’s Terminator Genisys) from its schedule. Then the head of Skydance, who holds the rights to the characters, said in an interview that a major announcement about the series’ future was coming some time this year. So what’s the truth?

Earlier today, I spoke with Arnold Schwarzenegger (!) about his new movie Aftermath. We’ll have my review and full interview coming later this week, but as my time with Arnold was winding down, I asked him about the future of The Terminator, and the status of his other franchises with supposed sequels in the works, Conan the Barbarian and Twins (which would supposedly add Eddie Murphy to the combination of Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito for a movie called Triplets). Which, I asked him, is more likely to happen: Another Terminator, another Conan, or another Twins? This was his response.

I think you will see another Terminator movie, another Twins movie, and another Conan.

No one could juggle all those movies at the same time, so I asked which he thinks will happen first. “I would say maybe Twins  — or Triplets I should say — because that is the easier one to prep, and it’s almost written.” But all of the projects are moving forward. He could have three more big sequels in his future.

I also asked Arnold about whether he would ever consider doing a scripted television series along with his movie work. (He has already said he’s not interested in returning for another season of The Celebrity Apprentice.) I’ll be back with the answer to that question in my full interview with Schwarzenegger later in the week.

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