I think I have lost my Wife, she is completely addicted to Hallmark Channel. Currently she is in "Fall" mode. Hallmark has come up with the awesome idea of showing an endless collection of movies centered around Autumn. (the above photo is an actual photograph of April during a Hallmark Marathon, she didn't even know I was taking it)

Here's the "Fall Mode" recipe ....Usually the premise is simple, girl goes back home as the leaves change, helps the family business and runs into her future husband....who she can't stand at first but eventually loves. There is also an Autumn Festival in each, complete with pumpkins and apple cider. Of course Lacey Chabert makes several appearances! Plus lots and lots of baked goodies, that make you crave cookies, cupcakes and pumpkin pie...devious!

I must admit I do on occasion watch with her and enjoy. It's nice to get away from all the "negative" in the world and watch something without all the drama of everyday life. I will admit I do not need a daily fix of "Hallmark" but I fear April just might. I've noticed she'll get in at least one hallmark movie a day and you know what's gonna happen in just a few weeks! Christmas on Hallmark .... that's a whole additional post to describe her love for the Holiday Hallmark Movies.

Are YOU Head Over Heels in LOVE with Hallmark Channel ?





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