Being the biggest doesn't necessarily bring the happiest customers..

According to the new American Consumer Satisfaction Index, McDondald's received the lowest customer satisfaction ranking of any full-service or fast-food chain in a survey.  Yes the biggest, but not the most satisfaction from you the customer with a 73% satisfaction.  The lowest on the list.  Pizza chains dominated the survey of limited service chains, or those without table service.  Papa John's was at the top of the heap with 83% of satisfaction from their customers.  Heres the index for fast-food chains:

Papa John's  83%

Subway  82%

Little Caesar  82%

Dunkin' Donuts  79%

Wendy's  78%

Pizza Hut  78%

Domino's Pizza  77%

Taco Bell  77%

Starbucks  76%

KFC  75%

Burger King  75%

McDonald's  73%

What's your favorite Fast-Food Restaurant?

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