I love Shawn and Sue, but I'm going to use my blog post today to disagree with them and many of you who responded to their poll question about the WORST treats to get on Halloween.  I know kids love chocolate, but all that sugar really isn't good for them so what's wrong with some people handing out things that AREN'T Candy?

Here are the results of their poll followed by some of my thoughts in parentheses.

  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste & Dental Floss.  (This is something EVERYBODY needs and it's especially useful during a week when kids are eating stuff that's notoriously bad for their teeth.)
  • Canned Vegetables (Hmmm, I'll agree that this treat isn't so good.  Especially because many kids don't like veggies at all.)
  • Blank Video Tapes (I would have LOVED getting these as a kid when I'd record my favorite shows and music videos.  Tapes are worth more than a few pieces of candy so I would have felt like a got a real prize!)
  • Oatmeal (A sweet alternate to candy.  A bit healthier.  I get it.)
  • Tape (Hmmm, seems more appropriate for parents than kids.)
  • Apples (Healthy yes but shouldn't be trusted coming from strangers.)
  • Pennies (My favorite!  With pennies, kids can save to buy whatever they want!)
  • Bread  (I love bread but don't love it as a Halloween treat.)
  • Grocery Coupons (Hmmm, not a fan, because many people do not use coupons and I doubt any kids do.)
  • Candy Corn (Personally, I don't eat the stuff but it's got a long history as a Halloween treat.)
  • Individual Non-Dairy Coffee Creamers (What the??? I think this should top the list of worst treats for kids.)
  • Socks (Hey, they're practical!  And we need them at this time of year.)
  • Travel Size Shampoo (Hmmm, I don't think kids would appreciate this.)
  • Squash (Parents could use it as Halloween decor but I don't think kids would appreciate.)
  • Comb (If it's brand new in a package, I'd see it as another practical item that could come in handy.   But if it's been used?    Eeeeeewwww.)

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