This married couple that I know are having a bit of a conflict over bugs.  They have a bunch of carpenter bees buzzing around their doorway.  They're seeing dead bees on the ground (apparently the bees are territorial, having a bit of a turf war!).  The wood shavings on the ground made the husband want to call the exterminator.  But the wife doesn't want him to take that step.  Why?  She loves bees!

I have a hunch that hubby will wind up winning this one because the insects are causing damage to the house they both live in.  But it illustrates the challenges that can surface in a relationship when people have their individual preferences and values.

So I'm wondering if you are on "Team Get An Exterminator" or "Team Leave Them Alone?"

Are there any bugs that really freak you out?  I know someone who can't stand centipedes.  I don't mind them.  But crickets give me the willies!

Back to the bees for a minute:  In researching for this blog post I discovered a fun fact.  Did you know that New Jersey has a state insect?  It is the honeybee!


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