I just saw the movie A Dog's Purpose.  It's a "tail" of a dog having a positive impact on many different lives.  I don't want give away too much but will tell you that there's at least one scene where the dog saves at least one life.  Seeing the dramatic rescue play out made me tear up.  It got me thinking about how dogs really can be heroes!

We've all seen the news reports of dogs waking up their owners when a house fire starts.  We've heard about dogs who protect their humans from attackers.  And just yesterday I saw a video of a dog rescuing another dog who was being swept away by a river current.

So I'm thinking about all of the dogs that have lived in Ocean County over the years.  Have you ever had one who saved your life or helped you in some significant way?  My friend's dog bit the arm of a guy who was trying to break into his car!  It would be nice to read about your special canines in the Comments section.

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