Big candy cane isolated with path
Jon Helgason


What do you see above? is it an upside down candy cane or the letter "J" ? If you see the letter "J" do you think it stands for Jesus ?

It appears an elementary school principal decided that the candy cane are a symbolization of Jesus and asked her school to ban candy they could possibly offend those who don't observe religious holiday's.

In the story aired by Fox 42 KPTM .... the Principal Jennifer Sinclair sent a memo to staff earlier this week listing acceptable things to have in classrooms and on assignments like sledding, scarves, yetis (abominable snowman?) and even Olaf from the Disney movie Frozen. It also outlined things that were not acceptable: Santa, Christmas trees, candy canes, reindeer and more.

Principle Sinclair has been put on leave according to school officials in Nebraska where she taught. No further comment from the district on the matter as it is an ongoing investigation.

How do you feel?

Are we ruining the Holiday's?



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