Republicans Lillian Burry and Gary Rich were elected to the Monmouth County Freeholder board in the recent election so Amy Mallet will be leaving shortly.

She was the last Democrat on the board and served three years. She says she was able to accomplish a lot while on the panel but two of the things she is most proud of are her green initiatives and what she did to help local veterans.


"I opened the only County Veterans Service Office, when I first started on this board we did not have an advocate for veterans at the County level and it was done in a way that was cost-neutral, we did not have a budget for this, but I saw that there was a need," says Mallet.


She says a solar panel project is finally underway.

"So we have been successful in doing that and as you drive on Koslowski Road you will see the first phase of this major project, this one is very creative, we're building canopies in our large parking lot areas," says Mallet.

Mallet says she was very optimist that she would be re-elected so it's too soon to say what she will do next, but she has always been involved in the community and she plans to continue to be involved in some capacity.