A colleague of mine on our sister station 94.3 The Point came into work today with a strange story. But thankfully, it's a story that looks like it will have a happy ending thanks to quick thinking and compassion.

My co-worker Jasmine told me about her evening last night. It started out as a family dinner night, and ended with a little owl embedded in the windshield wipers.

She was driving with her family on Lakehurst Road when there was a sudden impact into the windshield (and believe me, I can sympathize with that for sure!). They saw the flapping of wings and realized that an owl had slammed into the car.

The poor guy was stuck on the windshield wiper. After freeing him, they placed him on the ground, but he wouldn't fly away. Rather than leave him in a situation that would probably not end well, they bundled him up in towels and brought him home.

Photo courtesy of Jasmine and Calvin Rodriguez
Photo courtesy of Jasmine and Calvin Rodriguez

After appealing to Facebook friends about what to do next, Jasmine was able to get in touch with the Toms River Avian Care Center, who told her how to care for him for the night. They dropped him off at the center this morning, knowing that there will be loving experts taking care of the little bird that they named "Gilbert".

She's promised to keep me updated on Gilbert's recovery, and I'll be sure to pass along his progress!