American Idol has made such a comeback!  We are in love with it all over again on ABC.  I know how talented New Jersey is so I had to make sure you knew about the New Jersey round of auditions coming up!

Remember when our guy from Manasquan, Cole Hallman was on American Idol last season?

Photo credit: Cole Hallman
Photo credit: Cole Hallman


I got a chance to talk with him about his experience and in his case, he had such a social media following that producers came to him and asked if he would audition!  That had to be an amazing feeling.  Not everyone is so lucky but that is OK, you have your time to shine coming up even if you have to make the move.

“Idol Across America” is coming to Jersey (over Zoom that is).  Honestly, this may even be better for most of you. This way you are not taking time off work to travel unless you need time off to travel to your laptop.

How Auditioning For Zoom American Idol Works

Hopefuls will audition face-to-face (or computer screen to computer screen) with an American Idol producer in an open Zoom casting call. New Jersey's day is Friday, August 12th so warm up those pipes!

In the first round, you can sign up to do that face-to-face audition and receive real-time feedback for a chance to be on season 6 of AI on ABC.

To learn about details such as full eligibility requirements, to get your submission forms, as well as the terms and conditions here.  Break a leg Jersey!  If you make it reach out to me and we'll follow your American Idol journey on the air and get Jersey behind you!

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