Weird things in New Jersey are something we have become quite used to, heck we are the home of the infamous "Jersey Devil" so it's no surprise that now we have trolls! But what exactly is a troll and no we are not talking about jerks on the internet, you know who you are lol. We talking about real trolls. According to Merriam-Webster, a troll is "a dwarf or giant in Scandinavian folklore inhabiting caves or hills". In this case, our "Jersey" troll is a giant, in fact, 20 feet tall.


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Facebook via Sharparts Mosaics


The Burlington County Troll is the work of artist Thomas Dambo. According to an article by the Philly Voice,  "Big Rusty" is a sculpture made of recycled industrial waste, created by artist Thomas Dambo to promote conservation and sustainability. Dambo will unveil the piece in Hainesport off Route 38 near South Branch Rancocas Creek on Wednesday, June 28 to launch a U.S. tour for his largest sculpture project yet, "The Way of the Bird King." Over the course of the tour, Dambo and his team of 22 builders will construct 10 sculptures using recycled materials from over 1,000 pallets. Each piece aims to educate visitors about the human impact on watersheds and animal habitats and to promote dialogue on preservation."



This giant troll art piece is something to see, but can we find it? I was "trolling" the web a bit lol and I saw people talking about how it was hard to find this elusive troll. I found a thread on Reddit that talked about the whereabouts of Big Rusty and Looks like it here (39.9762564, -74.8260846). I put these coordinates into Google Maps and it does show it in the Hainesport area so maybe a bit of troll hunting is in order.

Let us know if you find Thomas Dambo's "troll" and I just may go out and go for a peek myself.


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