This is a huge piece of undeveloped property at George Road and Route 37 in Toms River....question is what could this be? What is the best plan for this location? or is there already a plan for what's next at this spot on busy Route 37 in Toms River?


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Has This Location at George Road and Route 37 Ever Been Developed in the Past?

It seems like this property has basically been undeveloped for some time, but does anyone remember if this location used to be home to a business along busy Route 37 in Toms River? It appears nothing recently, but maybe in years past, there were homes or businesses located here at this location? The lot is 1.2 acres for sale or lease.


Shawn Michaels


Is There Any Businesses Looking to Move Onto This Property Along Busy Route 37?

Does anyone know if there are businesses currently looking at this property located at George Road and Route 37 in Toms River?


Shawn Michaels


Would This Be a Great Location for a Cracker Barrel on Rt 37 in Toms River?

If You could pick out what would be a fantastic business for this location, what would you suggest? Is this huge lot a perfect spot for that Cracker Barrel that everyone has been asking for in the Toms River area? Cracker Barrel may be one of the most suggested businesses for Toms River.


Shawn Michaels


Should This Open Space on Route 37 and George Road Become a Nice Park?

Many times when we ask you what would be a great addition to the community, many of you say keep it undeveloped.....make it a nice park. Would this location be a perfect spot for a park or is it not a good fit for along Route 37 in Toms River? Tell us what you think....



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