I think most of us would agree that in recent years there has been a greater appreciate for those who have served and currently serve in the military.

More so maybe then at any time since World War II there is a reverence associated with those who wear the uniform and you see it everywhere.  It can be as simple as meeting someone wearing a hat from when they were active and thanking them for their service or going to a sporting event in which all members of the military are asked to stand and they receiving a rousing ovation.

It does not seem to matter what generation, what war or conflict, race, religion or political affiliation we as Americans have come together on this one issue. Those in the military deserve our praise and thanks.

A new non-profit organization is taking that effort to the next level.  Always Supporting Our Military is made up of about 20 retired people who get together each week in Toms River and put together packages to send to our military members overseas. Food, snacks, toiletries and more all put together by volunteers who depend on donations and fundraising towards postage (about $18 a box) and supplies.

The Jay & Linda Grunin Foundation sponsored them to become a 501c3 organization but again they operate solely on financial support through direct donations and fundraising.  They also accept donations of the supplies that make up the special packages they send out each week.

For more you can visit them on Facebook under Always Supporting Our Military or contact their director Barbara Youmans at 908-278-9561.

This is the type of grass-roots organization that deserves support and consideration as they work to make things better for those military members who are overseas serving our country.




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