Tokyo 2020 Olympics Expected To Be Postponed Amid Ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic
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So the other day my wife and I were walking onto the beach when she began talking with a woman who is a North Avenue regular in Seaside Park.  Turns out the woman actually recognized me and was very complimentary about this daily segment and said she agrees with me almost all of the time which means we are either both right or very wrong. Actually I think it’s likely a generational thing as we are about the same ago…at least I think so.

Anyway about the only good thing about getting older is you do have experience which means you know more simply because you’ve been around longer.  It does not mean you are always correct or that your opinion has greater value of someone half your age…or even younger.  It just means you’ve seen a lot more and lived through things that others have no idea about.

For example I remember when the Summer Olympics were a really big deal.  Yes I know they still are in many ways although this year’s (which are actually last year’s) will likely not captivate the American public because of the impact COVID-19 is having on them.  It’s a shame and while many are calling for the games in Tokyo to be cancelled I am not for one simple reason…the athletes.  Many of them compete in relative obscurity outside their own sport and country and the Olympics are their one chance to achieve greatness with a world-wide audience.  So despite all the problems I truly hope the games take place as scheduled so these athletes get to have their moment in the spotlight.

By the way I am old enough to remember when there was an intense rivalry between the U.S. and the old Soviet Union when it came to the medal standings.  Few probably are aware that the Soviets dominated at one point and between 1956 and 1988 the United States only twice finished first in the medals race.

This is the kind of stuff you know when you’ve been around for a while.  Plenty of useless knowledge.

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