I am so proud that this radio station is committed to keeping Ocean County teens safe.  We recently announced a contest for senior students to make a public service announcement about prom season.  (You can find details here http://wobm.com/prom-psa-submit/.)

It seems that teens today have a lot more  temptation than we did in high school.  I hope that the PSA contest boosts their confidence and helps them navigate the pressures of the high school years.

You know through my work with First Night Ocean County that I’m not a big drinker.  I really believe the best times are had when there’s not a lot of alcohol served; when people are really just being themselves and having a great time.   (First Night is an alcohol-free celebration on New Year's Eve.)

So one bit advice that I would share is, avoid any offers of alcohol on prom night.  You want to remember your one and only senior prom so staying clear-headed is the best way to go.

Another piece of advice is, if you have a dog that sheds white fur, it’s best to put the dog in another room when your date arrives in his black tux.  And have a lint brush ready, just in case!  (Yes, unfortunately, I speak from experience.  It’s taken a few decades, but I’m almost over the embarrassment of that prom-night incident.)

If you could give one piece of advice to a Senior Prom Goer, what would it be?


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