Social media threats continue to circulate across New Jersey at an alarming rate since the Florida shooting.

For the second time in a week Aberdeen Police are investigating a social media threat to the Matawan-Aberdeen School District.

Aberdeen Police add that they don't find the threat credible but there is an active investigation looking into the incident alongside Matawan Police and the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office.

They have located the author of the threat, and again, are investigating the incident.

"We will continue to keep all security measures in place to safe guard all students and staff of the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District," Aberdeen Police said in a statement.

In Stafford, Police looked into a possible threat to Southern Regional High School circulating on Facebook.

Further investigation revealed the threat involved a high school in Ohio where the author of the post was arrested.

Police say they received multiple messages in reference to a Facebook post about a possible threat against "SHS".

They worked with school administrators from the Southern Regional School District determined that the threat originated in Ohio.

Police are asking parents to remind their children not to re-post, copy or otherwise spread any threats they find on social media but instead immediately notify police so that the threat can be properly investigated.

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