There are a lot of ways to make homes for sale look more attractive to potential buyers - for sale signs declaring "In-Ground Pool", "Newly Remodeled", etc. But how about this one...

Not Haunted House

Believe it or not, this tactic was actually employed by a realtor in Washington, DC to try to move a property.

Now here's what I want to know - is the home certified as not haunted? Along with your wood destroying insect report and flood zone report, do you also get a paranormal activity report showing that it's not haunted? Did they do a full investigation before they were able to declare that it's not haunted? And, what if someone buys it and it turns out that it is haunted? Does that void the sale contract?

Hmm, I may see a new opportunity here in New Jersey. Maybe Ocean County Paranormal should branch out into the real estate business!

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