Haunted House

One of the Most Haunted Places in New Jersey?
We hear about haunted houses all the time, but do they really exist and if they do, which ones are the MOST haunted? Haunted houses come in all shapes and sizes and often don’t look like the Haunted Mansion at Disneyworld. Many times they appear like ordinary homes that could be in your neigh…
13 Spooky New Jersey Houses for Halloween [PHOTOS]
Shawn Michaels' Halloween Shutterblog
I was going through my photo library and decided to do a Halloween blog featuring photos I have taken around New Jersey featuring "spooky homes". I've always thought old homes are captivating subjects and a lot of the time pretty spook…
What is the Weirdest NJ Story of the Week? [Poll]
For whatever reason, it's been a heck of a week for strange news out of our home state. So here we present the three weirdest stories of the week from New Jersey. Vote at the end and let us know what you think wins the weird award for the first week of May!

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