A new survey finds an underused auto insurance program may be able to save you some money.

David McNew, Getty Images

Pay-as-you-drive auto insurance typically utilizes some kind of gadget attached to your car that transmits how you drive, such as your speed, braking frequency, time of day you're driving and more to the insurance company.

A survey by finds most drivers are unaware of the programs or their potential savings.

"Nearly seven in 10 respondents said, 'I'm better than other drivers.'' So if you really do think that you are a safe driver, you really have a lot to gain from these pay-as-you-drive programs," said Laura Adams, a senior insurance analyst at

Adams said some drivers in the survey, particularly younger ones, mistakenly believed the programs can detect if you've been drinking.

The survey also revealed that 58 percent of those in the survey said they did not even know what pay-as-you-drive coverage is, despite the fact at least three insurance carriers that sell auto insurance in New Jersey offer pay-as-you-drive coverage.