I will be honest when I say many people have reached out to me in some capacity wondering why I have not commented on what has and is happening at Central Regional High School.  I mean the name of this segment is the Hometown View and clearly this is something happening in our home town so you might expect that I would address it.  In full disclosure I am a Central graduate and have been fortunate to have my Alma mater honor me on a couple of occasions so it is somewhat close to home.

I have stayed away mainly because what can I really contribute as I don’t know anything more than what many of you have seen, heard and read.  A 14-year old girl taking her own life for any reason is a tragedy but if bullying is what led to this then it’s even worse…if that’s possible.  We all are sickened by this and feel for not only the family but students in the school who now have to deal with unwanted attention for all the wrong reasons.

I would caution that a rush to judgement is not the answer.  Social media is clearly not a fact-based forum but one where rumors run rampant.  Also this story has gained national prominence so those who never heard of Bayville have flocked to the area.  In some cases they are not seeking the truth but the story that will garner the most attention.

Like most of you I am deeply saddened by these recent events, including the resignation of the superintendent who I have called a friend for many years.  Like you I grieve for the family that lost a daughter and sister and can only hope that the school district finds a way to prevent this from happening again.

Bullying is a nationwide problem that has to be dealt with swiftly and sternly. Just because we are dealing with minors does not necessarily mean only a slap on the wrist is needed because as we know it could lead to so much more.

Every school should be on notice that what happened at Central Regional could happen to them.

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