We made a quick trip to Hoboken on Sunday mostly because my daughter Alex, who is living with us for now had to get some things from her apartment.

We also brought some food and items that my son and his wife needed and got to visit with them and our 10-month old grandson.

Let me define visit.

They met us outside their apartment building and we talked for a few minutes while maintaining proper social distancing.  Not to be able to hug Carter was torture for both Jane and I but even a few minutes of seeing him smiling and laughing made the visit worthwhile.

It was also probably the easiest drive we have ever made to Hoboken with very little traffic on the road which is the way it’s supposed to be.

One of the more interesting things to watch is the different approach people are taking when it comes to protection, or lack thereof.  Sitting in your car watching people go in and out of a store and you will see a little bit of everything.

Some continue to act like little or nothing is happening while others wear some combination of masks and gloves and take all precautions possible.  As the saying goes, “to each his own” but in this case you might want to “err on the side of caution.”

While all county parks remain closed state parks and forests are open for what is being termed “passive recreation with social distancing.”  That includes Island Beach State Park which is open for visitors from 5 a.m. -8 p.m. for walking, hiking and biking with no entrance fees.  Those planning to go should be aware that park offices, nature centers, restrooms and other buildings are closed.

Obviously TV viewing has been way up over the past few weeks with many binge watching shows and series.  If you have Hulu then I strongly recommend you watch “Hillary” a four-part documentary about the life of Hillary Clinton which goes inside her 2016 presidential campaign but reveals so much more.

I have never been a supporter and I’m still not but I came away feeling somewhat guilty that I did not know more about her full story which is quite interesting.  Well worth your time and it just may change your views about Clinton.

Stay healthy my friends!



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