It has definitely been the summer of sea creatures in New Jersey's waters lately.

Last week, we had just about everything:

Sharks ferociously feeding on a dolphin in the shallow waters of an LBI beach.

A whale getting way too close to a south Jersey fishing boat for comfort.

We even had a story of hero lifeguards who saved a drowning deer in the Jersey Shore's waters.

And, of course, all were accompanied by videos and photos. You have to love the fact that we all carry cameras around with us everywhere we go these days!

This week, we're getting a glimpse at another amazing photo courtesy of a Garden State banner plane pilot who captured a group of aquatic friends hanging out off the Cape May coast:


According to the Facebook page for Cape May Court House based Paramount Air Services, one of the company's pilots was on duty towing one of the banners that we see coming and going all summer long just like any other day when he spotted a pod of dolphins hanging out with a humpback whale.

It's yet another one of multiple sighting of humpback whales in New Jersey's waters this year.

Notable humpback whale sightings off the New Jersey coast (and sometimes even moving into some of our local rivers) have been making the rounds since early June.

Thankfully, this sighting was considerably less dramatic than some that we have seen in recent weeks, and we can enjoy this amazing image of ocean animals enjoying our local waters.


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