Since 6 months old, now 32 years old, Amanda Rutherford of Brick has been living and battling cystic fibrosis. Colton Underwood, one of the most loved ever from ABC's "The Bachelor", and his foundation has changed her life.

John O'Boyle, RWj Barnabas Health
John O'Boyle, RWJ Barnabas Health

Cystic fibrosis affects the cells in the lungs that produce mucus, that makes breathing difficult.Those who suffer cystic fibrosis are at higher risk of getting infections. It makes life very, very difficult. Amanda, like most who deal with this horrible disease, starts her day on a nebulizer to help with breathing and fight infections, until now.

Colton's foundation - The Colten Underwood Legacy Foundation - gifted Amanda with an AffloVest, first of it's kind battery-operated mobile airway clearance system. The AffloVest gives those with cystic fibrosis to go about their day while receiving their necessary treatments.

The Colten Underwood Legacy Foundation will gift one person with cystic fibrosis from each state.

Amanda -we are cheering for you and sending you so much love here at 92.7 WOBM!


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