If you’ve checked your calendar for 2020 or read some articles/blogs on the internet regarding some of the date-specific holidays this year, you know that most of them are falling on the perfect days of the week, since this is a leap year.

Valentine’s Day is a Friday. The 4th of July is on a Saturday, and so is Halloween. And since next Christmas and New Year’s Day are both on Fridays, many folks will have a three day weekend.  But there’s one important date to note, particularly for us at the Jersey Shore.

Most people like to celebrate their birthdays on a weekend, particularly if it’s a milestone birthday and they can really have a party. Not me. I love it when my birthday is on a Monday or Tuesday. And I really loved it when I was younger. Why? It’s August 31st. And this year it’s on a Monday, so Labor Day gets pushed forward as late as it can be, on September 7th. So we get an extra week of summer and vacation time before most people go back to work or school. That will make a lot of people happy here on the Shore, particularly the local businesses that depend on the summer visitors.

The one downside, if any, is that we get one less weekend of “Local’s Summer”.  But I’ll take any kind of summer I can get.

Happy 2020!!

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