Bayville is beautiful. We have beautiful views of Island Heights and Ocean Gate.

Sue Moll
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I live close to this house, but not on the water. The beach right next to the house is where Abby and I used to always go and I used to say to her, "I bought this beach just for you." Great memories, she loves it there. Two girls can dream. And maybe one day it will come true. is calling it a masterpiece on the open bay. It sure is, check out the sliding board. Not only does it have awesome water views, it's 3,600 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, just incredible. Oh, this would be cool, a Chef's kitchen. Private dock, an outdoor kitchen with a resort style pool with a waterfall, spa, and slide. Wow, I'd have some fun in that house.

It's Sue's Dream House in Bayville and It's for Sale


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We live near the ocean and the bay and if you're lucky enough to live right on the water, what a beautiful view. So, for now as I ride my bike over to "our" beach, I'll jsut dream. Dreams do come true.

I remind Abby, we can't buy this house now, but maybe someday. She says, "It will happen."

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