It’s often the little things that somehow occupy to much of your thoughts and time. I have shared with you before some of my frustrations when it comes to Facebook and another one has me perplexed and seeking some advice.

Believe me I am not bragging about having 3,669 friends because there is truly nothing significant about that.  I happen to know a lot of people, have come in contact with many others over the years and am old…that’s really it.  I am somewhat careful in accepting new friends and really would like it to be those I know personally or through someone I am comfortable with.  There are a number of friend requests I turn down…some are creepy and others I just don’t see the benefit.

So here is where I have a current dilemma and it comes with the daily birthday list of those who are your Facebook friends.  I have to be honest in many of them I couldn’t identify in a million years but clearly I accepted their invitation at some point.  So am I obligated to wish them a "happy birthday” or do I just extend those wishes to those I really know?  I go back and forth on this and usually send birthday wishes to all those who are my Facebook friends.  There are some days where the birthday list is 15 people long and there might be five names I really don’t recognize but again I am the one who accepted their friend request.

Sue Moll will certainly get a birthday wish today
Sue Moll will certainly get a birthday wish today

I guess my real issue is will those people be offended if I don’t send them a message on their birthday, especially if they see I did so for others. I know this is trivial and in truth nobody cares if you wish them a happy birthday or not…they’ll never even notice it.

Like I said we have a tendency to make little things much bigger than they are and this is a prime example.  By the way if I missed your birthday or Facebook please accepted my belated good wishes.

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