Where do I begin?

Clearly I want to choose my words carefully because this audience, like most of America, is divided when it comes to politics, elections and the direction of our country.

As events unfolded in Washington Wednesday afternoon and protestors, rioters, insurgents, domestic terrorists (you can pick what to call them) stormed the U.S. Capitol I took to Twitter and wrote: "If this was another country we would all be mocking them for not being civilized. Unfortunately this is not another country but the US. Shameful."

Right in front of our eyes we saw pictures that were unimaginable before the day began.  A movie maybe with Matt Damon as Jason Bourne or Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt but not real life in the hallowed halls that defines our nation’s democracy.  Lawmakers hiding in offices and under desks in fear of their lives while outmanned police and others try and protect a complete breach by fellow Americans.

This was not an attack by foreign terrorists but those who pledge to love this country even while committing violence on the steps on what is a sacred shrine and a symbol of freedom and liberty.

Again I recognize that we live in chaotic times but I find it hard to imagine that most of us are okay with what happened yesterday.  I know we share very different opinions on many issues but do we really think another Civil War is the answer because that is the path we are on.

At the end of the day most of us really want the same things for our families but clearly we have different ideas of how to get them. Violence and mayhem is not and never will be the answer.

For the sake of our children and grandchildren we need to come together and embrace what unites us not divides us.

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