Maybe more so than at any point in my adult life I am confused by the state of affairs in our country.

Even three months after it began impacting the United States I still feel like there are more questions than answers concerning COVID-19.  Will there be a second wave in the fall and what will it be like?  Are we looking at another lockdown here in New Jersey and nearby New York City?  When will we have a vaccine?  Will schools even open in September and what will that look like?

How can you transport students on buses and maintain social distancing.  Will there be pro sports, college sports and high school sports.  Can our economy deal with a second wave that results in closings and shutdowns?

That in itself is more than enough to keep you awake at night but when you combine it with the civil unrest that has gripped our country it’s almost overwhelming.  Yes there are and will be some positives that result in the Black Lives Matter movement and maybe the largest is white America is going to be part of the solution.

For a variety of reasons they (especially mllennials) recognize the inequities that have existed for centuries and want to be the generation that reverses that course.  While I do not personally feel the need to apologize for the sins of the past we all must learn from that and vow to do better in the future.

However we should not and cannot stand for anarchy like we are seeing in Seattle and what we witnessed earlier this month in cities across this country.  Law enforcement may not be perfect but they are all that stands between right and wrong in many cases.

We might think it’s okay to take the law into our own hands but it is not and those who seek destruction and violence are not contributing to change but simply contributing to what could be the downfall of our society.

America is not perfect. It has problems and so many unanswered questions as we move forward over the next weeks, months and years.  Here’s hoping we can find acceptable answers because the alternative is frankly very scary.

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