It's going to be a "BIG" day for the Hugh J Boyd Jr. Elementary School in Seaside when they open up the doors since Super Storm Sandy for the first day of School.

That little school that could in Seaside will have kids learning and teachers laughing throughout the halls once again.   But there's going to be an exciting day next week for Hugh J. Boyd Jr. Elementary School Tuesday August 27th.  It's going to be an awesome day for all Hugh J. Boyd Jr. students, teachers, parents and volunteers!

If you'd like to volunteer and be a part of this fantastic "Surprise" be at the school at 8:30 am!  All students are invitedtor this Mega Surprise that's going to be announced!  Can anyone say, "CELEBRITY!"  Wow!  Have fun!  All I can say is, "She's fantastic!"

When Shawn and I go on School Tour through out the school year, Hugh J. Boyd Jr. is one of our favorites.  There's so much heart in that school and I'm so happy for everyone involved!

To everyone at Hugh J. Boyd Elementary School in Seaside, have a great school year!  Glad you're back and better then ever!

Please call the school for any information about volunteering for August 27th and being a part of this wonderful, well-deserving day.

1200 Bay Boulevard

Seaside Heights, NJ

 (732) 793-8485


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