These super convenience stores are in other states and now they're coming to New Jersey, giving Wawa a possible run for their money! A convenience store, gas station, and their amazing fried chicken they're known for are all coming to Brick, plus more traffic.

Royal Farms is big in Maryland. It was just approved by the Brick Board of Adjustment last night to build its newest location at one of the busiest intersections in town – Routes 70 and 88 – at the site of the former Jersey Paddler according to

I've lived in Maryland and Royal Farms is exactly like Wawa, though one thing missing is the Wawa Iced Tea, personally. Royal Farms, surprisingly enough, does have delicious fried chicken, if you're into that. In fact, every time I visit friends still in Maryland, they always have fried chicken from Royal Farms.

We'll keep you up to date when they start building and when the Grand Opening will be.

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