Instigators of the melee in the stands at Saturday's brick-brick memorial football game will be disciplined - that assurance from acting superintendent Dennis Filippone.

He says students from both schools are involved.

Brick police detectives are also looking into the brawl.

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An informational meeting is being held tonight to explain the terms of a pilot program that will allow Lakewood residents who committed medicaid fraud to avoid jail time.

An ex-staffer of the Pleasantville housing authority who allegedly pocketed 826 dollars in federal utility subsidies...and took a ten-dollar toilet seat from the given three years probation.

Cheryl Bradshaw is ordered to pay restitution to eight victims and is banned from public employment in New Jersey.

Former homeland security intelligence expert John Cohen, now a Rutgers criminal justice expert, says cyber hacks such as the Equifax data theft will only get worse as time goes by.

"One of the first things we need is much closer coordination between the private sector, organizations that collect it and maintain sensitive information and government agencies," said Cohen.

He says protecting vital data and information is a key responsibility of homeland security because these hacks put our basic security at risk.

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