Redistribution of $181,000,000 in state aid for schools takes effect when New Jersey lawmakers vote to approve the state's spending plan for fiscal 2018. They have until the end of Friday to get it done. Eleventh-hour conflicts reportedly concern Governor Christie's proposal to overhaul Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, New Jersey's largest health insuror. Sources in the statehouse indicate that affected school districts will neither lose, nor gain, as much as had been anticipated in earlier drafts of the plan.

One of the most powerful men in regional law enforcement risks prison for taking bribes, defrauding an elder care facility and spending political campaign money for himself. Philadelphia District Attorney Rufus Seth Wiliiams pleaded guilty today, to one count of a superseding federal indictment.

A child porn cyber-trail leads Ocean County investigators to a suspect in Beachwood. Gerald J. Moors was apprehended Wednesday in a probe that began as a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The shadow of more arrests hangs over Lakewood, where 14 people this week were charged with obtaining government aid under false pretenses. The alleged thefts contrast a meeting to point out the penalties that Ocean County authorities say was attended by hundreds two years ago in the township.

Taking a train to a July Fourth event? Leave the libation home. NJ Transit bans liquids on its rail lines that day, including sealed containers and water bottles.

The century is still young, but New Jersey gas prices are low enough to set a record. Analysts say it's the first time that prices at the pump on Independence Day are lower than they were on January 1 of the same year. Right now a gallon of regular averages at $2.29.

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