North Wildwood became the site of the sixth apparent drowning in the waters off New Jersey over the past two weeks, and this victim has yet to be identified.

Police say the body that surfaced on Sunday night shows no signs of trauma.

Swimmers have passed away in riptides off of Belmar and Atlantic City and by electrocution at Shelter Cove in Toms River.


Governor Chris Christie is still pondering whether to sign a bill that would make sparklers and other non-exploding, non-aerial fireworks legal in New Jersey.

On Townsquare's Ask The Governor, Christie said he still needs to look over the specifics of the legislation.

"When you got the pen in your hand and you're going to be able to make it legal, you want to make sure that you lessen the opportunity for someone to blow their hand off," said Christie.

New Jersey is currently just one of three states in the nation with a blanket ban on fireworks joining Delaware and Massachusetts.


Day Trips to the Jersey Shore or more lengthier stays? 

It looks like more and more residents are just taking day trips this summer to the Jersey Shore to enjoy all the activities and beaches.


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